CBD for Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
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CBD is an acronym for Cannabidiol. A compound constituent found in hemp and cannabis that lacks the intoxicating and addictive effects associated with other cannabis compounds such as Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Due to this, it is legal, sold and used in many countries around the world.

Hemp-derived CBD is legal in most countries because research has shown that it has many health benefits to the human body. The main advantage of the hemp plant is that it has a lower concentration of THC and other components that make cannabis exhibit some psychoactive effects.

In place of THC, the hemp plant has more concentration of cannabinoids that are very helpful to the functioning of the body. Studies have shown that CBD present in the hemp plant is capable of healing many diseases including Multiple Sclerosis.

What Is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a neurological autoimmune disease which affects the central nervous system. This chronic and progressively debilitating disease is one of the most common of the autoimmune diseases, affecting young adults and middle-aged people.

The way in which this disease progressively attacks the body makes it really difficult for patients to live a normal life. It isn’t long before they are unable to work and need constant help and care. For many MS patients, spasticity further impairs their quality of life, with debilitating muscle spasms and rigidity of limbs.

Common Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

  • restricted mobility
  • fatigue
  • pain
  • sensory deficits
  • palsy
  • bladder dysfunction
  • spasticity

How Can CBD Help Treat Multiple Sclerosis?

CBD and THC are the two biologically active chemicals in Cannabinoids. THC is the psychoactive chemical found in marijuana. CBD is not psychoactive, therefore does not make you feel high. It is (in most countries) a legal substance that has been helping patients with MS and other diseases.

CBD and THC are believed to have therapeutic properties. These properties that can help improve mobility and pain reduction. CBD is shown to be anti-inflammatory and antipsychotic. This can help with the pain as well as the depression brought on by MS. CBD treatment can also help with abdominal discomfort and muscle spasticity. MS patient and American TV personality Montel Williams uses medical cannabis to manage his MS symptoms. He is a prominent medical cannabis advocate and has been speaking about the legalization and acceptance of CBD for decades. It’s a movement that is gaining momentum in the MS community in recent years.

What Are The Benefits Of Using CBD For MS?

Using CBD to treat symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis can improve the quality of life of most patients. When clinical medicine doesn’t help, many MS patients have tried CBD to treat their symptoms. With regular use, the triggers that bring on spasms may be reduced with the antispasmodic effects of CBD. MS patients that suffer from depression can alleviate the problem with CBD oil because of its relaxing effects.

The use of CBD in Multiple Sclerosis is growing in popularity due to how patients generally feel better by using it. Many countries around the world have made the use of medicinal CBD legal and controlled.

Are There Any Side Effects With The Use Of CBD for Multiple Sclerosis?

CBD is a safe natural chemical substance with little side effects. However, like any treatment, some patients feel side effects. Some of these include dry mouth, low blood pressure, lightheadedness, and drowsiness.
Thankfully, drinking plenty of water can help with the dry mouth situation. At high doses, CBD can hinder the productivity of other medicines by affecting the liver enzymes. This is considered a side effect but can be avoided or easily reversed by adjusting dosages.

What is the usual dosage of CBD for Multiple Sclerosis?

Every person is different and everyone’s reaction to CBD is different. The recommended dosage from each product can differ greatly, creating some confusion. On an average, 25mg of CBD a day is effective for most people. For strong symptoms, the dosage can be increased slowly over a week until the symptoms feel better. This, of course, is different for every patient and should be monitored. For more details about dosage, see our post on CBD dosage.

How can CBD be administered?

There are quite a few ways that CBD can be administered. The most common is CBD oil with a dropper but there are also CBD extracts and pills. Some patients prefer to vape or inhale liquid CBD in electronic cigarettes. There are also creams and balms which contain CBD oil in them to help with muscular and joint pain.

Success stories

Cannabis Saved-My-Life is a book by MS sufferer Elizabeth Limbach. She was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis over twenty years ago when doctors discovered that her spinal column was greatly affected and she was in a lot of pain. Limbach discovered the healing benefits of Cannabidiol after the doctors told her there wasn’t much they could do for her MS symptoms.

She tried various ways of administering the Cannabidiol and is now walking around feeling pretty good. After discovering what Cannabis did for her, she set out to help other Multiple Sclerosis patients by teaching them about CBD. She then wrote the above-mentioned book to tell the story of other MS sufferers that live a better life with Cannabidiol.

What Does Research Say About Using CBD for MS?

There are ongoing studies around the world about how CBD can help Multiple Sclerosis patients. The outcomes have usually been favorable in most cases, but more research is needed in order for CBD treatment to become more accepted in the medical community. Even without enough research, many patients are moving towards the use of CBD due to how many other patients claim to feel better and have better lives.

One study was conducted in which a group of MS patients was separated into two. One group smoked cannabis cigarettes while the other smoked placebo cigarettes. Then, after a while, the groups were reversed. This study showed the generalized decrease in pain and improvement of spasticity from the group smoking cannabis.

Another study was conducted to test the effects of cannabis treatment for neuropathic pain. Groups of patients were given oral sprays as placebos or as CBD for a number of weeks. Most of the patients that received CBD had less pain than the others.

CBD Suppliers

Nordic Oil offers a wide variety of CBD based products which can help with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There is a product for every patient, depending on their needs. Nordic oils come in oils, vape oils, suppositories, capsules and topical creams. Always read the labels in CBD products and consult a specialist before dosing.


The information made available on this page is based on studies and research as well as experiences from CBD users.

For a medical condition always consult with a healthcare professional before consuming CBD. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, ailment or skin condition. Any information contained in or made available on our website is not intended to be used as, or be a substitute for, healthcare advice or information from licensed healthcare practitioners. Please consult a licensed health care practitioner regarding any potential interactions or complications before using our products.

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