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CBD Oil is Legal and Safe

Cannabidiol, THC’s Proactive Sister

Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are both cannabinoids, meaning that they are in fact sisters to the mother Cannabis plant. CBD is derived from hemp, one of the oldest crops. For thousands of years, we have been producing clothing and paper from it. On the other hand, marijuana and hashish contain high amounts of THC so that they can be used as an intoxicant. The important difference is that CBD is not psychotropic like THC; it does not induce a euphoric effect, otherwise known as a “high”.

As of March 2017, doctors have been allowed to prescribe medicines containing cannabis, such as flowers or extract, as a narcotic. This approval of THC doses, ranging between 100 to 22,000 mg, has been controversial, for as the title suggests, THC has been criticized for having addictive effects and harmful properties.

There is a vast, indisputable research available showing that CBD has far greater health benefits and aids far more medical problems than THC. Therefore, CBD is legally available and easy to purchase in Germany. It is commonly offered as a dietary supplement or for cosmetic purposes.
CBD is completely vegan, meaning it does not contain any animal products.

It is important to recognize the big difference between the process of making hemp oils and CBD-rich oils. Hemp oil is obtained by the cold pressing of hemp seeds and contains extremely low amounts of both THC and CBD. CBD-rich oil, on the other hand, is obtained above soil by the extraction of resin from the plant. The resin is then dissolved in a solvent, evaporates and leaves behind a concentrated extract.

Achieved Effect

Disappointed by the limited possibilities with conventional medicine, many people like yourself have searched for alternative solutions, particularly herbal medicines and natural remedies, and have rediscovered CBD oil for pain!
Meanwhile, highly satisfied reports and positive reviews are making their rounds. Since using CBD, people who have had no hopes for a long time are not only seeing their conditions improve but are now gaining new courage. The remedy is helping them and they are voicing their recommendations. The CBD oil effect is described as anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic. It has a variety of positive effects on the skin.

When taking drops orally, it often does not take long to experience the effects. Users have described how the body releases new energy almost immediately after the first use, feeling fresher and even stronger. Its analgesic effects expose the body’s “buried” resources, which can be re-experienced when the pain gives way. Existing forces are reactivated in this way. The CBD oil effect has positive effects against a variety of serious ailments, such as nausea and vomiting. The remedy also works for constipation or sleep disorders. It also shows good results in combating problems associated with schizophrenia, anxiety and posttraumatic stress, obesity, diabetes, dystonia and dyskinesia, nervous disorders, ischaemia, hepatitis, liver damage, ADHD, allergies and asthma. CBD drops can also be taken to help prevent a stroke or heart attack. Additionally, CBD drops can mitigate existing tinnitus.

CBD oil can be used against a variety of physical pains, having especially been used by people struggling with chronic, severe discomfort or pressure, such as with epileptics and arthritis. CBD is a powerful relief. Additional ingredients of CBD oil are omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acids and gamma-linolenic acid, which have a positive effect on the blood pressure and the appearance of skin. It contains vitamin E in large quantities, as well as riboflavin and vitamins B1 and B2. All important trace elements such as iron, potassium, calcium, copper, manganese, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus and zinc are naturally present in the oils.

Therefore, the use of CBD oil simply to supplement the diet is highly advised, especially since there have been no undesirable side effects from taking CBD drops.

We only suggest that pregnant or lactating women refrain from the use of CBD, even when taking omeprazole or diazepam at the same time. Furthermore, pregnant/lactating women should consult their doctor if they have more questions.

Pure CBD Crystals

CBD crystals are pure cannabidiol. The crystals are the essence of the vegetable matter in solid form. Starting with the extraction of juice from the hemp plant, the extraction process ends with the powder being pressed into a crystalline, refined form. Said crystallized powder is obtained from one of approximately fifty hemp plant varieties that have been specifically approved for this purpose. Production is subject to a Europe-wide standard, which all manufacturers and producers of hemp and CBD must adhere to. The production must be organic. Otherwise, the product may not be sold within Europe. To elaborate on the process, first the flowers and leaves of the plant are pressed. Then the resulting juice is broken down into its components, i.e. these terpenes are separated. The cannabidiol content of the extract is then about 98 percent at the end of the distillation process. The CBD crystals obtained are thus the purest material available for further producing other CBD products. In order to achieve a controlled and appropriate dosage for each application, the crystal is further processed into oil/drops. As you can see from the range of products, the CBD content varies from drug to drug. The normal concentration ranges from 2.3 to 8 percent. In the form of an ointment or cream for external application on the skin, CBD products can contain even higher doses. Depending on the severity of the problem, the dosage can be increased, but it is generally recommended to do so only when necessary as well as to do so slowly and gradually.

In the form of oil or drops, the CBD can then be taken orally, that is directly through the oral mucosa or with food, particularly fatty foods. CBD does not necessarily have to be taken at mealtime, for the effects are actually faster when the stomach is empty. Almost always, the oil is supplied with a pipette. After shaking the vial well, place a few drops of the CBD directly under the tongue and then keep the liquid in the mouth for a moment to allow it to act directly on the oral mucosa. In terms of taste, CBD is probably best described as nutty or comparable to olive oil.
Also CBD can be enjoyed through evaporation via a vaporizer. Interestingly, there are reports and reviews on how CBD can help smokers fighting their nicotine addiction.

How CBD Activates the Body’s Natural Systems

The human cell system is a self-directed system based on a constant death and renewal of cells. The development of cancer is due to cells do not die off as they should, but instead reproduce themselves. Then a tumor proliferates.
Here, CBD intervenes and naturally encourages the body to properly self-regulate. The human body still has a so-called endocannabinoid system from primeval times. This means that in humans there are receptors that are prepared to recognize cannabinoids and, likewise, respond to them. The receptors are called CB1 and CB2 receptors. The CB1 receptor in particular is believed to be of central importance to the brain regions that control memory and movement. The CB2 receptor is being studied for its impact on the immune system. In other words, CBD is not foreign to the body at all.

Cancer cells are so dangerous precisely because they "disguise" themselves in the diseased body and reproduce themselves unhindered, without the immune system perceiving them as a threat or alien. With the addition of cannabinoid, the cancer cells react immediately with the release of a particular protein. The stealth mechanism, which prevented the body from intervening and killing the cancerous cells, is immediately nullified. The body recognizes the cancer cell and effectively fights against it.

Regarding mental health problems associated with imbalances in the brain, CBD has similar positive effects. In people affected by schizophrenia, the messenger anandamide is no longer produced as desired because enzymes prevent its formation. If the cannabinoid is added, the hindering enzyme build-up diminishes and the necessary anandamide can be produced again, unhindered by the body.

Conclusion: Scientific Studies and Supporting Customers’ Reviews

The described medical benefit of the CBD was discovered by researchers at the University of Rostock and results were first presented in 2014.
Evidence that CBD has antitumor effects can only be made conclusive upon long-term studies. The research at the University of Rostock is underway and funded by the German Research Foundation. In 2015, a specialist committee of the German Medical Association examined scientific developments in the medicinal effects of cannabinoids finding that they are effective against multiple sclerosis pain.

There is no doubt as to the efficacy of cannabinoids for the treatment of nausea and vomiting as a result of chemotherapy. Here, the effectiveness of cannabinoids is considered proven. The majority of clinical studies on chronic and neuropathic pain have shown positive effects of cannabinoids. As cannabinoids stimulate appetite, enhance mood, fight nausea and promote sleep, they are also considered for use in palliative care.

No Need for a Perscription or Consultation with a Pharmacist
There is no need for a perscription or consultation with a pharmacist for CBD, however the options for using CBD oils are obviously so versatile that you will soon be setting up your own home CBD oil pharmacy! The whole range of CBD products can be easily acquired over the internet.

Since CBD oil is completely legal, the purchase of it over the internet is not an evasion maneuver to circumvent a legal gray area, but merely the logical and inexpensive alternative to purchasing a CBD product in the pharmacy.

Do you have a plant powered medicine cabinet?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical that comes from the Cannabis plant. It is non-psychoactive and comes from the cannabis (hemp) plant. Hemp contains 0.3% THC or less.

Does it get you high?

No! CBD doesn’t get you high, it gets you healthy! It will make you feel uplifted.

How does it work?

While THC directly binds to the CBI receptor, CBD elevates the endocannabinoids that your body makes to stimulate them instead.


Awesome Benefits

CBD has been shown to relieve pain, stress, anxiety, reduce the risk of artery blockage and much more.

CBD can help you

Our bodies were built for cannabinoids. We have an entire system designed to receive cannabidiol for the purposes of regulating the body’s internal systems

Knowledge Base

Our panel of independent experts from various professional background is continously generating new in depth, educational articles covering all major aspects of CBD.

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What is Cannabis Oil?

The Application and Effects of Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil, hemp oil, hemp seed oil... the terms are confusing and often these oils are mistaken to be the same. But not all oils that come from the hemp plant are all the same. The term "cannabis oil" is basically an umbrella term that includes various oils, but the various oils are extracted from different parts of the plant and are processed differently. Most importantly, the various oils differ in their THC concentration. THC is a psychoactive substance that has an intoxicating effect and is subject to the Narcotics Act in Germany. The only oil among the cannabis oils that is legally approved is called CBD oil, which means the THC concentration is less than 0.2 percent. On the other hand, the substance cannabidiol, in short CBD, which does not produce a high, is retained. Although both substances belong to the cannabinoids of the hemp plant, CBD has no psychoactive effect like THC. So, if you buy such a medicinal cannabis oil, you can be sure that it is absolutely legal.

The Effects of Cannabis Oil:

It’s hard to believe, but the healing effect of the hemp plant has been known to our ancestors for millennia. Today, the CBD oil is used in natural medicine to alleviate a variety of problems from physical pain to even treating diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's. In other words, it is has versatile healing powers, not only relieving pain but by inducing antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-dizziness effects. Here are some ailments CBD can be used towards.

CBD in multiple sclerosis:

The anti-inflammatory effect of CBD has been scientifically proven since 2016. This has been widely studied in the context of multiple sclerosis. Thus, in several studies the use of CBD oil has been shown to be effective in treating MS. CBD oil can alleviate MS-related illnesses such as depression, fatigue and spasticity, dramatically increasing the well-being of patients.

CBD in heart disease:

Cannabidiol has been shown to be a powerful antioxidant in animal studies. Thus, the regular use of CBD oil can prevent cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease. A study by the School of Medicine at Nottingham University also showed that cannabinoids can dilate and relax our blood vessels. Thus, heart disease patients treated with CBD would be at lower risk of suffering from a heart attack.

Cannabidiol for the treatment of skin problems:

A cannabidiol-based oil is well suited as a treatment option for patients with acne-prone or very dry skin. The active ingredient enhances the body’s process of removing dead skin cells. The result is radiant skin without the peeling. And as previously mentioned, the antioxidant effects actually slow down the skin’s signs of aging.

CBD for Reducing Stress:

Cannabinoids can activate certain receptors of the so-called endocannabinoid system (ECS). As a result, messenger substances, i.e. hormones, are released in our brain that make us happy. These act in a similar way to a cravings that are satisfied by giving our bodies what they desire. These hormones help to reduce the prevalence of stress. Thus, the cannabidiol is well suited as a treatment option to reduce long-lasting chronic stress. A study confirmed that the cannabinoids of the hemp plant in both the jargon amygdala - the almond-shaped core area of ​​our brain - as well as in the hippocampus - responsible for memory and learning - reduce stress. Researchers assume that CBD should also have a calming effect on anxiety and restlessness as well as on sleep disorders. Thus, the active ingredient is also administered as a sleep aid and even to treat depression.

CBD Stimulates the Appetite:

When our body needs energy again, the brain sends out the signal "hunger" through hormones. And as soon as the body gets enough energy from diet, another hormone is released to signal “fullness,” that is to stop eating. In healthy people, this process is normal, however not so with people suffering from an eating disorder, such as lack of appetite (in anorexia nervosa) or feeling satiety (in obesity). Here, CBD can be used to stimulate the digestive system. Interestingly, the cannabinoids of the hemp plant can stimulate both the appetite-stimulating and the appetite-suppressing hormone. Therefore, it can be used to treat eating disorders.

CBD Slows the Progression of Alzheimer's:

According to various findings from university labs, cannabidiol slows the disease process in Alzheimer's patients, that is the rate in which the nerve tissue is destroyed. Although Alzheimer's disease cannot be cured, taking CBD can limit the progression of the disease as much as possible.

Cannabidiol helps with nicotine withdrawal:

There is a lack of results from long-term studies demonstrating the efficacy of cannabidiol in the context of nicotine. However, in a smaller study, it was found that the drug inhibits the desire for nicotine by up to 40 percent.

Why Cannabis Oil?

Pain Relief, the Most Important Effect of Cannabis Oil

As already mentioned, cannabidiol as an active ingredient is already widely used in natural medicine. And as already exemplified, its most notable effect is relieving pain. For this purpose, the cannabis plant has been used for millennia, and rightly so. The fact that cannabinoids inhibit the perception of pain at the neuronal level has been proven in numerous studies. This effect is particularly beneficial for the relief of chronic inflammation and pain. In India, for example, the leaves of the plant are used in Ayurvedic medicine for the relief of headache and abdominal pain. In addition, the resin of cannabis is considered a popular aphrodisiac there.

Normally desperate people turn too quickly to ibuprofen. However, when these painkillers are taken too often and over a long period of time, there are many negative side effects. Unlike “traditional school” painkillers, such as diclofenac or again ibuprofen, cannabidiol has no negative side effects to the nervous system. In addition, it not only relieves pain but, rather like ibuprofen, also has anti-inflammatory effects. So if you also suffer from chronic pain and want to combat it without the use of conventional painkillers, then through our online shop ( you can easily purchase a medical cannabis oil that is free of THC.

Cannabis Oil for Cancer? Is that Possible?

To better understand the effectiveness of CBD in cancer, let's review the causes of cancer. In the body, damaged cells are regularly broken down as new cells grow to a healthy size. This process is simply called cell growth. However, if the process is “disturbed”, body cells may grow uncontrollably. That’s cancer. In other words, cancer cells are superfluous cells that develop into an uncontrollably tumor. Researchers are currently working on various studies to demonstrate the positive effects of cannabis oil against cancer. Investigations have already shown that the cannabinoids of the hemp plant can stop the uncontrolled division and proliferation of cells. Further results show it can prevent tumors from spreading to other parts of the body. CBD can not completely prevent or cure the development of cancer, but it can certainly help to slow down or stop its progression.

One recent case study shows that cannabidiol can even shrink neuroblastoma, a tumor that develops during childhood. In a 2013 Canadian case study on a 14-year-old girl suffering from leukemia, it has been shown that taking cannabis oil can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy. Although the oil could not prevent the girl's death, her condition and well-being improved dramatically with the onset of CBD. This is due to the analgesic, anti-inflammatory, appetite-stimulating and nausea-inhibiting effects of cannabidiol as previously described. Therefore, it makes sense that its diverse mode of action alleviates the sequelae of chemotherapy. The special feature of CBD oil is, first of all, that it does not affect the effects of chemotherapy, which is more or less the case with many analgesics. In addition, specifically the antioxidant effect protects the healthy cells from cell damage caused by the radiation during chemotherapy. If healthy cells are attacked by the radiation, inflammation develops. Here, the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD oil contain said inflammatory foci. Basically, it can be said that the CBD oil is the perfect partner to chemotherapy, making it, overall, bearable.

CBD Oil Dosage and Application

The exact dosage for the oil depends on what exactly you want to treat. When using CBD, it is important to remember that the body gradually becomes accustomed to the active ingredient. Therefore, it is best to start with one drop per day, either early in the morning or in the evening before going to bed. The dose can then be gradually increased until you notice significant improvements to your body’s conditions. Specifically, in adjunct to cancer therapy, twice the amount of CBD is taken, gradually increasing it to a daily dose of one gram (divided into three times a day).

Where Can You Buy Cannabis Oil?

As you have already learned, the healing properties of cannabidiol have been demonstrated in numerous scientific studies around the world and that, here in the EU, CBD oil is a legal natural remedy as it does not contain psychoactive cannabinoids such as THC. In Germany specifically, all cannabis oils exceeding a THC value of 0.2 percent are prohibited. So, again, you can easily buy online in this country a medical cannabis oil that adheres to said requirement.

Therefore, in our online shop, CBD oil is the only product of all cannabis oils that we sell. A bottle of 30 ml gives about 750 drops of CBD oil. The price of CBD depends on the concentration of the active substance. A 5 percent dosage is around 30 to 50 euros per 30 ml, while a 10 percent CBD oil can cost up to 130 euros per 30 ml. Since the extraction of the active ingredient must be done in a very gentle manner to preserve the natural components of the plant, the production is quite expensive. If you learn more about the extraction process as well as compare prices, you will see that the prices are fully justified. It’s important to note that coconut oil or a THC-free hemp seed oil is often used to dilute the medicinal cannabis oil.

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